Updates from 92five app

                   We have adjusted pricing after 15th April, 2016

We are excited to show you on what we are working now. Here's a sneak peak.

-- Notifications in Telegram Messenger via Telegram Bot

-- Notifications in Slack via Slack Bot

-- Github Integration

We are working on something we call #commands with Telegram and Slack bots to take commands from user in the form of hashtag. Something like : 

About 92fiveapp

92five app is captivating yet simple self-hosted project management app with all the required features to make work simpler. This app will simplify the work of managing projects and tasks in a most delightful way. One can keep a close watch over his project it lets you have a comprehensible idea over the tasks, sub-tasks, time allocated, time taken and how many hours taken to complete a task and on top of everything it creates the reports which helps the HR in appraisal. Communication between the team members has been made seamless through different features like comments in projects and tasks, chat between users and group messages. One of the crucial part is that it has got client area which maintains transparency between company and its clients.